Vijay Pavan Amaravadi

User Experience Designer Hyderabad

Me, the Victorius (Vijay) Wind (Pavan) ... ;-) continue to be inspired by the beautiful world of design. I rather consider myself, my ideas and works are designed/shaped by design itself than by me. Hence the apt name for this portfolio could be 'Winds of Design' and not the other way ... :-))

I have done Master of Design in Interaction Design from Industrial Design Centre (IDC), IIT Bombay and Bachelor of Architecture from JNTU, Hyderabad.

The earlier four years experience in architecture led me to probe about the cognitive link that exists among behaviors, people, space and environment. This kind of investigation landed me into interaction design and I would like to continue the same in designing user experiences for interactive media & technology platforms.

There is so much to design. Come, let us make this world beautiful, usable and safe for all ......,